Police jury muting loud music in neighborhood

Published 12:04 am Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vidalia — Drivers blaring music throughout one neighborhood of Concordia Parish resulted in a Police Jury member asking the board to review its loud music ordinance.

Juror Willie Dunbar told board members various motorists driving through the area of Concordia Park late at night have their music turned up so high it rattles the houses of area residents.

“It’s ridiculous,” Dunbar said. “Their loud music shakes the walls of these people’s houses, and it has to stop.”

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Dunbar made a motion for board secretary-treasurer Kevin Frilloux to collect other noise ordinances from municipalities across the state after hearing some cities have placed up to a $500 fine for a disturbing the peace by loud music ordinance violation.

Board president Melvin Ferrington said he believed the parish had already established such an ordinance, adding Dunbar could turn in the license plate numbers of those violating the ordinance to the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Frilloux told Dunbar and the board he would look into the parish’s ordinance and collect others from around the state.

In other news from the meeting:

4Juror Whest Shirley asked Frilloux to send a letter to an Eagle Road resident who was in violation of a Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality regulation regarding burning of tree limbs.

Shirley said the resident, who he believed was a tree surgeon, is bringing limbs from other locations back to his property to burn at the end of each day.

Ferrington said DEQ allows residents to burn limbs only if they have been cut at the property where they are being burned.

“You can’t move them from somewhere else and then burn them there,” Ferrington said. “That’s a clear violation of the regulation.”

4Jury members spent nearly 30 minutes in executive session along with District Attorney Brad Burget discussing possible litigation and strategy.