Allgood bringing his love for outdoors to others this summer

Published 12:05 am Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jimmy Allgood, center, poses with Weather Channel employees Kait Parker and Reynolds Wolf when the duo was in Natchez. (Submitted photo)

Jimmy Allgood, center, poses with Weather Channel employees Kait Parker and Reynolds Wolf when the duo was in Natchez. (Submitted photo)

NATCHEZ — Natchez native Jimmy Allgood was born and raised in the Miss-Lou outdoors. And now, he is hoping to bring what was in his backyard all his life to as many people as possible.

Allgood, who headlines the Redneck Adventure’s television show, and his team will be offering a variety of tours, events and activities to do throughout the Miss-Lou this summer for individuals and families alike.

“Now we’ve truly decided to bring those adventures that we have in our backyard to the masses that would like to come and enjoy them,” Allgood said. “And these adventures aren’t just pontoon boating, trotlining on the Mississippi River or swamp tours. There is much more.”

Allgood said the Miss-Lou is a hotbed for outdoor summer activities, and many are heating up as the summer gets into full swing.

“Water sports are hot, trotlining is hot and will continue to get hotter,” Allgood said. “Another thing is putting a boat in around Port Gibson and floating down to Natchez and jug fishing along the way for big Opelousas and blue catfish. Why? Because that is pure fun.”

Allgood also plans to highlight the history around Natchez as well with things like church tours, photography/eco tours and an African-American history tour.

“People are seeing that what we are doing is truly something different and hasn’t been offered in the Miss-Lou,” Allgood said. “As people come into the Mississippi border, instead of waiting for the last minute with them just coming through Natchez and stopping on a whim while they go somewhere else, our goal is to make the Miss-Lou and Natchez a destination place.”

Allgood also has his footprint stamped across the state after recently having brochures approved to be placed in every welcome center in Mississippi.

“As people arrive and stop in hospitality centers all around Mississippi, they are going to see who we are and what we are all about,” Allgood said.

But word has already gotten out. Recently, the Weather Channel joined Allgood and his team during their “It’s Amazing Out There Tour”.

“We had the opportunity to put them on a pontoon boat,” Allgood said. “They kayaked, went on the backwater, fly fished, shot shotguns and as I heard them say when they got off the boat Under the Hill, it was one of the most awesome times that they had ever had in their lives, simply because it was fun, different and an exciting experience. I’m proud of that.”

Ultimately, Allgood said what brings him the most joy is seeing others enjoy what he has for so long.

“For us to offer these experiences and make differences in families’ lives, it gives me a bigger smile than a Moon Pie and an RC Cola, because those are the memories of a lifetimes that we are providing for people. I am tickled pink to be offering this to the world, and to showcase what Natchez and the Miss-Lou is all about.”