Crime Reports: Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015

Published 12:01 am Sunday, August 16, 2015

Natchez Police Department

Arrests — Saturday

Kelvin V. Johnson, 42, 743 Smith Lane, Natchez, on a charge of simple domestic violence. No bond set.

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Arrests — Friday

Jacquirra R. Dixon, 23, #3 Williams St., Natchez, on a charge of possession of a controlled illegal substance. Bond set at $726.

Shamika L. Edney, 28, 611 North Rankin Street, Natchez, on a charge of grand larceny. No bond set.


Reports — Friday

Vehicle fire on McNeely Road.

Civil matter on Watts Avenue.

Investigate suspicious vehicle on John R. Junkin Drive.

Investigate suspicious circumstances on Dumas Drive.

Subject in custody on Sunset Boulevard.

Vehicle Fire on Desoto Street.

Intelligence report on D’Evereux Drive.

Investigate suspicious circumstance on U.S. 61.

Burglary alarm on Homochitto Street.

Burglary alarm on Canal Street.

Burglary on Bowman Street.

Intelligence report on D’Evereux Drive.

Petit larceny on John R. Junkin Drive.

Assist motorist on Morgantown Road.

Investigate suspicious person on Mississippi River Bridge.

Harassment on Shields Lane.

Civil matter on D’Evereux Drive.

Fire on U.S. 61.

Petit larceny on Oakwood Lane.

Intelligence report on Pilgrim Boulevard.

Investigate suspicious vehicle on Oak Street.

School traffic on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Harassment on Canal Street.

Domestic violence on Holden Drive.

Intelligence report on McNeely Road.

Suspicious activity on Marks Avenue.

Intelligence report on John R. Junkin Drive.

Petit larceny on Linden Drive.

Accident on John R Junkin Drive.

Suspicious activity on Oak Street.

Suspicious activity on Seargent S Prentiss drive.

Improper parking on Silver Street.

Public relations call on Maple Street.

Burglary alarm on Maple Street.

Intelligence report on D’Evereux Drive.

Malicious mischief on Primrose Lane.

Improper parking on Silver Street.

Disturbance on Pilgrim Boulevard.

Loitering on Monroe Street.

Intelligence report on Sunset Boulevard.

Harassment on Old Washington Road.

Malicious mischief on Old Washington Road.

Disturbance on Itasca Drive.

Accident on Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

Speeding on Seargent S Prentiss Drive.

Malicious mischief on Rankin Street.

Disturbance on Monmouth Street.

Improper parking on Silver Street.

Petit Larceny on Briel Avenue.


Adams County

Sheriff’s Office

Arrests — Saturday

Audrey Geames Harris Jr., 27, 141 Tubman Circle, Natchez, on a charges of disorderly conduct and failure to comply. Bond set at $500.

Arrests — Friday

Fred Carter, 31, 108 Gail Avenue, Natchez, on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of sale of a schedule II substance and two counts possession of a schedule II substance. Bond set at $60,000.

Kelcey Watson, 19, 118 Brookfield Drive, Natchez, awaiting judicial review.


Reports — Friday

Alarm on Broadmoor Drive.

Burglary on Providence Road.

Traffic stop on U.S. 61.

Burglary on Cloverdale Road.

Traffic stop on Highland Boulevard.

Ambulance needed on Gaile Avenue.

Accident on U.S. 61.

Fire on U.S. 84.

Fraud/false pretense on Cranfield Road.

Fraud/False pretense on U.S. 61.

Intelligence Report on North Sunflower Road.

Intelligence Report on Morgantown Road.

Traffic stop on U.S. 84.

Traffic stop on U.S. 61.

Disturbance on Emerald Mound Road.

Incident involving animal on Springfield Road.

Accident on Sedgefield Road.

Traffic stop on State Street.

Disturbance on Lotus Drive.

Patrolling area on North Swan Court.

Disturbance on Tubman Circle.

Traffic stop on Beau Pre Road.

Traffic stop on Col. John Pitchford Parkway.


Concordia Parish

Sheriff’s Office

Arrests — Saturday

Tyler A. Boyd, 24, 1101 Westwood Road, Natchez, on charges of speeding and reckless operation. Released on a bond of $1,550.

Corey T. Curry, 34, 113 Garden Drive, Ferriday, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense) and speeding. Released on a bond of $1,818.

Arrests —Friday

Jatavia L. Lewis, 26, 514 Fifth St., Ferriday, on charges of no turn signal, no seatbelt, two counts obstruction of justice, two counts of possession of schedule II substance with intent, flight from an officer, resisting an officer with force and probation hold. No bond set.


Vidalia Police Department

No arrests.


Reports — Saturday

Trespass on Cadet Street.

Alarm activation on Murray Street.

Reports — Friday

Natural death on Oak Street.

Medical call on Murray Drive.

Stolen license plate on Palm Street.

Two counts speeding on Carter Street.

Theft on Virginia Avenue.

Theft on Danny Drive.


Natchez Fire Department

No calls.


Vidalia Fire Department

No calls.


Ferriday Fire Department

No calls.


Concordia Fire District No.2

Grass fire on Brooking Drive.