The Dart: Playmates channel imagination for story

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 9, 2016

NATCHEZ — A group of Natchez children were wondering what a Disney princess movie would be like if it were interrupted by a dinosaur when The Dart found them on Union Street Friday.

The Cathedral School pre-K and kindergarten students were filming a movie with several different scenes involving a beach trip, a ballroom dance and a castle balcony.

Isabel Krueger and her neighbors Amelie and Court Edgin have been playing together since they were babies, but Isabel’s mom, Brooke Krueger, said this is the first time they wanted to make a film.

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“They are always doing something,” Krueger said. “Like my daughter says, she gets these ideas from her brain.

“They are typically playing as princesses, but also superheroes and dinosaurs.”

During the first scene, Court, 4, was playing the role of the velociraptor with a dinosaur claw on his hand and then also the army man who would ultimately save the princesses. Elsa, aka Isabel, 5, and Jasmine, aka Amelie, 6, were both on their way to the beach wearing the princess dresses.

“The army man is cool, but I like being a dinosaur the best,” Court said. “The velociraptor is just cool. People run from him.”

By the second scene, Court had decided he just wanted to play the dinosaur, but it turned out the princesses didn’t need army man protection. This time he was playing a T-Rex because it could break through the wall like in “Jurassic Park,” Court said.

After Court broke into the ballroom, the two girls sped off in separate directions. While the T-Rex was chasing Elsa, princess Jasmine found the army man’s gun and turned it on the dinosaur.

“Bang, bang,” Amelie said. “Princess Jasmine is my favorite because she is the most beautiful.”

By the third scene, they didn’t even need the gun to handle the dinosaur. Way up on the balcony, they saw the velociraptor creeping around in the tall grass.

Jasmine had her magic lamp and genie to wish the stairs away, preventing the dinosaur from reaching them. Meanwhile, Elsa had her freezing power to bring on another ice age for the unsuspecting reptile.

Isabel said it’s always fun to play with her friends, particularly when she gets to play her favorite princess, Elsa.

“I love Elsa,” Isabel said. “I love her freezing power.

“Yes! I’m going to freeze the dinosaur.”