Adams County sheriff making common sense decisions

Published 11:34 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anyone who says government cannot operate more like a business has not met Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten.

With six months under his duty belt, Patten has begun making several changes at the sheriff’s office. He’s changed the patrol car logos, the uniforms and even the office layout.

But it’s a simple change to the menu at the county jail that may illustrate that all hope isn’t lost for bringing common sense to local government.

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Patten and his team are finalizing contracts with local food vendors to feed inmates.

Previously an out-of-town firm was contracted to provide the services.

Patten wisely points out that by switching to local producers, the county taxpayers’ money stays local.

In the process, the county anticipates providing quality food for the county’s inmates as well as saving up to $30,000 annually.

That makes good business sense and from a taxpayer standpoint is greatly appreciated.

All too often government leaders spend taxpayer money as if it’s monopoly money. For taxpayers, each dollar they pay is a dollar directly out of their own pockets.

We hope and expect Patten and others in county government will receive more positive feedback from consumers on good, common sense decisions such as the jail menu changes and begin making similar decisions that are in the best interests of taxpayers.