Movie “Shooter” beyond comprehension

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 3, 2016

The advertised movie “Shooter” regarding the assassination of our president is in my regards as an attempted suggested motive to do so. If any of you recall a crazy individual tried to take a gun from a security guard at one of Trump’s recent get-togethers. The individual told the guard he was going to shoot Trump!

Several of our presidents have been shot and killed. Let’s start with Abraham Lincoln, then James A. Garfield, then William McKinley. If I left anyone out being killed, I apologize to the leader of our country. You must be crazy as the assassins if you think I forgot John F. Kennedy!

There have been several attempts — lest we forget — on Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. Well, maybe not Nixon per say — he was egged.

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In my personal and maybe educational guess, this movie “Shooter” like other suggestive forms of influence just may give cause to some deranged person to attempt the dastardly deed leaving all of us and the world say “WHAT?”

The present president and the possible selected future presidents have a dire future ahead of them — staying alive to lead our country.

All of our present and future leaders from mayor to presidents have the right to express their beliefs and goals in order to lead us all into the future.

It is beyond my comprehension that such a sadistic movie as “Shooter” should evolve at a very serious time in our evolution to elect people into the very contentious and responsible positions to be leaders to sustain our country.


Mike Straczuk

Vidalia resident