CPSO deputy charged for allegedly using stun gun on fiancée

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, September 20, 2016


VIDALIA — A Concordia Parish Sheriff’s deputy who has since resigned was charged Saturday for allegedly using his service stun gun on his fiancée during a domestic dispute.

Vidalia Police Chief Joey Merrill said Victor Cass Butler, 34, 2071 Eleanor St., Vidalia, was charged with aggravated battery Saturday following the alleged incident Friday evening.

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“From what I understand, it was a confrontation (at his residence),” Merrill said.

Sources close to the investigation said Butler allegedly used the stun gun multiple times.

Merrill declined to give more details about the incident or how many times Butler reportedly used the stun gun on the victim, citing the ongoing investigation.

Following the incident, the victim was treated and released at a local hospital, Merrill said.

The stun gun allegedly used in the incident was sent to Alexandria to be evaluated, Merrill said. The stun gun has a computer system, Merrill said, that records the date and time of when the weapon was fired and how many times it was fired.

More information will be made public when VPD is able to get the records of the weapon’s use, Merrill said.

“This was an unfortunate event for both parties involved,” Merrill said. “We at Vidalia Police Department are going to investigate this case fully and make sure justice is served. We, as neighboring law-enforcement agencies, are going to move forward and get past this unfortunate event.”

Upon learning of the alleged incident, CPSO placed Butler on administrative leave, CPSO Chief Deputy David Hedrick said, and confiscated his gear.

Butler resigned Saturday, Hedrick said, prior to being charged at VPD. Butler had previously worked as a deputy at CPSO before returning to the department a few months ago, Hedrick said.

Hedrick declined to comment further, saying the incident was an active investigation at another agency.