Thank you for giving to United Way

Published 1:07 am Sunday, January 1, 2017

“A great non-profit doesn’t fix problems, it reveals the power of a community to solve them”, so says Robert Egger, founder of LA Kitchen. Here, at the United Way of the Greater Miss-Lou, we believe Mr. Egger is spot on.

In September of this year, the United Way of the Greater Miss-Lou approached our community, seeking direction. Our campaigns were decreasing over the last few years. We no longer had a paid staff and were operating strictly on volunteers, and had done so for over a year. We wanted, no, needed, to know how the citizens of this area wanted us to proceed, if at all.

The response was overwhelming, at least to me, and heartwarming. We had companies that had never held a payroll campaign call and ask us for the materials to do so this year. Our faithful supporters stepped up the plate and got their campaigns done to successfully rekindled relationships with employers that had not participated in recent years. We are looking for great things from them in the future. Long-time individual donors also kept their contributions coming. Former board members have returned to table, lending their expertise.  Volunteers responded to my requests for assistance with “Tell me how I can help.” New board members have jumped in with their enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

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And many of my current fellow board members have remained stalwart in their resolve to making the United Way of the Greater Miss-Lou the organization it has been, and can be again.

So to all our supporters, we say Thank You! Thank you for giving your time, your talents, your donations and your service.

As our outstanding campaigns close for 2016, please remember it is never too late to give. We will accept your contributions at any time during the year. If you are an employee and your employer doesn’t offer a payroll deduction let us know at 601-442-1081 and we’ll see if we can convince them to host a campaign in 2017.  Our growth only comes for your continued support.

Please also remember that all your donations stay right here in the Miss-Lou. There is no high-paid CEO taking your money. We give approximately 80 percent in direct assistance to local agencies and the remaining 20 percent goes to local vendors for supplies, insurance, rent, and other overhead.  The board of directors is committed to be the very best stewards of your money.

So, as 2016 comes to an end and we all look forward to 2017 and what it will bring to us an individuals, as an organization we are also looking forward to an even better year. We say, again, thank you for giving.
Deanne Tanksley is a board member of the United Way of the Greater Miss-Lou.