City better off because of Judge Tipton

Published 12:03 am Friday, February 3, 2017

For a public servant to serve more than a single term is a testament to that person’s ability to please the voters and perform their role well.

To accomplish being re-elected once is an impressive task. To be re-elected six more times, serving seven consecutive terms, is extremely rare.

To do all that while simultaneously applying the firm hand of justice is next to impossible.

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Former Natchez Municipal Judge John Tipton did that impossible feat with a deft professionalism that was clearly recognized by the citizenry for whom he worked.

The voters of Natchez recognized a good man when they saw one, and they entrusted him for nearly 30 years.

Tipton died Monday at the age of 75, but his mark on the legal community and those who appeared before his court will last for many years to come.

Tipton’s fair and thorough approach to his role led him to be elected again and again, serving from 1976 until he retired 28 years later.

Former work colleagues still marvel at Tipton’s ability to take an unflappable approach to applying the law.

That kind of public servant is rare, back then but especially today.

Along with Tipton’s family and friends, we mourn his loss, but know the City of Natchez is better off because of his dedicated work to the city he loved.