We all make contribute to a successful pilgrimage

Published 12:02 am Sunday, March 19, 2017

Natchez Spring Pilgrimage kicked off Saturday with truly gorgeous weather greeting tourists.

The annual tour of antebellum mansions is the single biggest tourism draw in Natchez.

People from literally all over the world come here to see the amazing products of a bygone era.

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As Pilgrimage gets cranked up in earnest in the days ahead, we pray for good weather, which can often greatly help out with the number of day-tripper tourists we have.

But we also encourage everyone — from all walks of life — to realize that while you may not hold a deed on an antebellum house, Pilgrimage is important to us all.

Pilgrimage is one of several large events through the year that drives considerable revenue through our community. We are thankful for the outside dollars coming into Natchez.

But we also realize just how tenuous Spring Pilgrimage is. Natchez is only as good as its recent reputation illustrates.

Just a few dissatisfied visitors could drive away thousands of potential visitors if they share their bad service stories.

So over the next several weeks, make it a point to smile more and if you see someone wandering around downtown that appears lost, stop him or her and see if you can help.

Who knows, your kindness and generosity may be the difference in attracting thousands more to our city.