City, county clean up makes sense

Published 12:49 am Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Natchez is a beautiful city, a jewel in some respects. Our city’s rich, diverse history was spared from destruction during the American Civil War, which lures thousands of visitors to our community each year.

But despite our gorgeous underpinnings, we can become a little messy at times.

That is why plans under way to have a community-wide cleanup event make so much sense.

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Overlooking our untidiness can be easy for locals. Clutter can become commonplace and difficult to recognize when you see it daily.

But for visitors our messiness can be glaring at times.

We applaud the city and county for working together to organize such a clean up. But more important, we thank resident Marty Seibert for bringing up the matter in the first place.

Our community is better when private citizens see a need and bring it up for discussion.

The city and county have decided to make the clean up coincide with Earth Day on April 22.

Going forward, we hope the city will consider holding at least two such cleanup days, one in the spring before pilgrimage starts and another in the fall before the balloon race arrives.

A clean city will help us all feel better about our home.