Aiden’s life, battle inspired us all

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our community’s heart aches this morning after the loss of a young girl whose determined spirit inspired thousands.

Aiden Taunton was too young to have to endure what she did. Her battle with a rare form of cancer that created an aggressive brain tumor was more than most adults in the prime of their lives could endure.

Yet with an amazingly strong family around her and a community of thousands and thousands behind her, she took on that fight for nearly two years of her life.

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She passed away Sunday night, ending her pain and suffering.

Her spirit lives on in the hearts of each of us who were touched by her story, her determination and her family’s deep, deep Christian faith.

All too often in life, we face trials and tribulations, moments of elation and moments of utter defeat.

No one is immune from the slings and arrows life throws at us. But our character, our core, is highlighted in how we handle those barbs, how we let serious obstacles affect our outlook on life.

Young Aiden and her family and friends addressed them with an unwavering commitment to God and to one another. Regardless of one’s faith, that’s inspiring. In an excruciatingly tough situation, they stuck together and made the best of it.

As we mourn her loss, we thank Aiden for the wonderful example she and her family gave for the rest of us.