Lawsuit may be best for dispute

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 7, 2017

After nine years of lingering around as a possible option, county supervisors finally said, “No,” to a plea to do something regarding a resident’s complaints.

The “no action” vote by Adams County Supervisors this week on a question raised by a resident regarding his neighbor’s removal of dirt and trees from the right-of-way on a county road sets up a potential legal challenge.

Perhaps that may be best.

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The man complaining, Dunbar Road resident Lynn Wirtz, has said for years he would not stop his fight until it reaches the highest court in the state.

Despite the county attorney’s assertion that the removal of the trees and dirt was not in violation of state law, Wirtz contends it is.

The matter is one of principle, he says, and thus is important enough to fight.

We agree with Supervisor David Carter who said at Wednesday’s meeting, essentially, the county has bigger fish to fry.

We did not take Carter’s comment to be negative toward Wirtz, but simply to suggest the disagreement on the matter between supervisors and Wirtz is at a stalemate with each side suggesting they are in the right.

The only way to move this forward is to take it to a lawsuit. In the meantime, as Carter suggests, the county needs to focus on crumbling roads and bridges, and doing what it can to help improve the economic and educational endeavors of the county.