‘The heat and the hate’

Published 12:09 am Friday, July 28, 2017

I’m a product of the Natchez public school system. I’m very proud of that. I started kindergarten at McLaurin and graduated from Natchez High. I like to think I’m a fairly educated person, and I think that my education gave me a solid foundation for life in the real world.

I also learned other things in public schools. There are things you learn on the playground instead of the classroom. When picking teams for kickball or tag or most any game, you try to pick the fast kids first, or you pick the kids that can throw the ball hardest. I honestly don’t remember the color of skin being that important. Life is easier when you’re a kid. Maybe kids just have things figured out better than the “grownups”. I wish we could all think like we did when we were kids again.

The topic on everyone’s mind lately seems to be the proposal to build/renovate the public schools in Natchez. More importantly, people want to know where that money will come from and how much money should be used.

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Can’t we agree that the kids need to have schools that are up to date? And can’t we also agree that our schools are ranked very low and need some serious improvements?

It’s heartbreaking that in 2017, we still draw lines based on color and refuse to try to compromise. “Compromise”… I’m pretty sure I learned that word in elementary school.

It’s really hot in Mississippi right now. Oppressively hot. I think it’s time for all of us to take a breath, try to cool down and then find a middle ground on this whole deal. I don’t have the answers… I’m not sure if anyone does, but can’t we try to come together and do something else besides stubbornly drawing lines in the sand? Our kids deserve better. We ALL deserve better.

The heat and the hate… I wish Fall would hurry up and get here.
Brandon McCranie, Adams County resident