Support our community, shop local

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Did you hear Amazon is sponsoring Natchez youth baseball teams this year?

Did you know that Wayfair was going to pay for new sidewalks in downtown Natchez or that Etsy plans to maintain the playground equipment at Duncan Park?

Of course you haven’t heard the above because the statements are not true. The fact is online businesses do not directly support the very underpinnings of a community, unless they online retailer happens to have a physical presence in a community.

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Local businesses remain the backbone of a community and they need our support.

Until earlier this month, online retailers were not required to pay Mississippi sales tax.

Local stores have long paid sales taxes that help the city pay for police and fire protection, maintain roadways and other critical city functions.

As you continue working your Christmas shopping this year, please consider how you might think Natchez first and see if you can find what you need here, even if slightly less convenient that clicking online and having a package appear at your doorstep.

The investment in time and effort to shop locally can make all the difference in the world to local businesses who live, work and invest in the local economy.

Everyone realizes that some purchases for specialty items likely must be made online, but let’s all try to shop locally first. Buying locally is smart and helps stabilize our community’s economy.