Visited by Ghost of Education Future

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 18, 2017

It is late in the night as our dream continues, but this time, a bit different than our old favorite, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Based on the tomb of old, we would expect the next visitor, “Ghost of Education Future,” to show us indications of the death of public education; however, he shows us something very different.  So again, let’s continue our story in the quiet of the night . . . . . .

After the ‘Ghost of Education Present’ we have what seems like a lifetime of fitful sleep. How can it be that what seemed to work so well for most of us in childhood no longer works for the children around us? Of course, we make the comments so often that “this younger generation” is “completely different” from the way we used to be! Logically, this must require something “completely different” when it comes to raising and teaching them; so why is it so hard to realize that “doing it the same way and expecting better results” really is insanity. It is time to stop “beating a dead horse!”

And then he is there – the intimidating yet gracious ‘Ghost of Education Future’ is staring at us as we are snatched out of our slumber. “It is time for your final journeys of the evening,” he says in a calm yet daunting tone. In complete compliance, we rise and move to his side as he adds, “Instead of dwelling on the death of education as we know it, tonight, we will visit some educational examples of ‘what could be.’” Could it really be that education as we know it is finally dead?

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As we soar across the night sky, the ‘Ghost of Education Future’ shows us innumerable private schools, charter schools, and church schools, all of which are prospering. Then he takes us to see some small public schools. All of them are named “Alternative school,” yet it seems that the only ‘alternative’ is complying with the demands of a bygone model of instruction. It is horrifying – so many children left behind by the establishment that offers on alternatives. Instead, they continue to wish that children would change. The change would not be progressive, but instead regressive to a bygone era.

As we question the guide, he sadly yet passionately appeals to our humanness – his silence in voice is overshadowed by his screaming spirit. “It does not have to end this way. As we realize a feeling of despair and hopelessness, he makes us aware that he can show us other options. What excitement fills our souls as we realize that in An Educational Christmas Carol, we will have a fourth visitor – ‘a Ghost of What Could Be.’ Can we rest with the suspense of what’s to come?

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Dr. Marvin Jeter is an educational consultant and a member of Natchez United.