Officers are not above the law

Published 8:18 am Friday, March 9, 2018

Officially, few people with knowledge of exactly what occurred last weekend in a Natchez bar are talking.

Unofficially, witnesses have reported a rather ugly scene in which several drunken, off-duty law enforcement officers, former officers and perhaps friends and family got into at least two fights.

Reportedly at least some of those involved were connected to a wedding party that migrated to the bar after the reception ended.

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A gun was apparently pulled and fortunately no one was shot, though police had to use a stun gun to subdue one subject.

In the end, two men were arrested in the incident.

Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong has said that no one has pressed charges and his investigators are uncertain about the details of what occurred.

Clearly the matter is an embarrassing one for all involved, but the matter must be investigated fully to determine what exactly occurred.

If law enforcement officers, suggested by witnesses, had too much to drink and got out of control, then law enforcement leaders need to step forward and admit as much.

The public understands that law enforcement officers are people and they make mistakes. But the public does not understand or appreciate when such a matter is simply swept under the rug giving the appearance that some people are above the law.