Local musician opens festive food truck

Published 12:01 am Sunday, April 15, 2018


NATCHEZ — Local musician Brint Anderson is bringing street eats to Natchez with a Mardi Gras flair to boot with his new venture, StrEAT Parade.

Anderson’s new food truck is difficult to miss, decaled with a large, cartoonish jester bearing a devilish, yet inviting smile at customers approaching the order window.

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“I wanted something to be festive and happy, and I definitely wanted it to be right,”

The inspiration for the business’s name comes from a song of the same name by Earl King with whom Anderson used to play alongside in New Orleans.

A longtime cook who studied the culinary arts at Delgado Community College in New Orleans, Anderson has a great affinity preparing food.

In fact, though he has had a life full of great feats and playing alongside other blues legends, Anderson said this occasion marks a life achievement.

“This is basically my dream — to do this,” Anderson said. “I’ve always wanted to be a chef.”

As a testament to his passion, Anderson took to Broadway Street in his truck all through Thursday — which just so happened to be his birthday.

The truck’s menu is simple, consisting of the headliner, “NYC Frankfurters.” Patrons can get these jumbo-sized franks for $5, or for an extra $2, wrapped in bacon.

Rounding out the menu is a smoked chicken salad for $5, sausage sliders for $2 — or three for $5 — and pasta salad for $3.

While Anderson wants everyone to visit his truck, he specifically wants to target law enforcement officers, firefighters, first responders and military members and veterans.

Everyone in that group will receive a half-off discount.

“I want them coming around my business, I really do,” Anderson said.

As a unique venture to Natchez, Anderson said he hopes the food truck can provide a boon to Natchez, as it has in the country in general.

Data from research organization IBISWorld shows a 7.3-percent annual growth in the food truck industry in the United States from 2012-2017, raking in a total of nearly $1 billion of revenue.

“What I hope is that some more people do it and it becomes a real addition to the tax base in Natchez, because it is a good business,” Andersons said. “I feel like I’m doing a community service.”

For this reason, Anderson said he has no problem with sharing the wealth if others are interested in joining the industry.

“Hey man, I hope more people want to do the same thing here in Natchez,” Anderson said. “I think it would be great.”

Aside from going to national food truck events here and there, StrEAT Parade will be here to stay in his home of Natchez.