Show up to court this morning

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dear Editor:

It is very important that all, who possibly can, be at Chancery Court this morning at 9.

Try to get there early, as there will be limited seating. We need to show solidarity for the opposition to the Natchez-Adams County School Board trying to override the express wishes of the electorate and spend $34 million of the Natchez taxpayers’ money to fund a new high school and other building expenses.

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If you were one of the many who filed an objection to the school board’s action with the chancery clerk’s office in February, please let court officials know, so that you are allowed to remain in court.

I apologize for the late notice of this hearing, but a request by the primary plaintiff, Kevin Wilson, to move the date because he is having back surgery today, was denied by Judge Vincent Davis late Monday. Unfortunately, Wilson will not be able to attend.

To briefly catch you up, attorney Paul Koerber, a Natchez native, has been retained to represent the plaintiff, Wilson et al (voters opposed to the school board’s intentions.)   

Koerber is very familiar with our situation and is an extremely competent lawyer. He has been working diligently on the case for many months, and he recently has been joined by Skipper Jernigan, who is the former state bond attorney, and who has won a settlement similar to ours in Rolling Fork.

Both attorneys are confident that we, the voters, have an excellent chance to stop the school board for several legal reasons.

The process will likely take some time, money and a possible Supreme Court appeal, but they are hopeful that Natchez will be spared this travesty of justice as well as a long-term liability for a huge debt.

Please come to court this morning and show your support to stopping an unelected school board from betraying the expressed wishes of the electorate and indebting our community for many millions of dollars for years to come.

Our dwindling population of taxpayers will suffer under such a large debt, as well as the entire community. Let’s not drop the ball at this point. I hope to see you in court.

Marcia McCullough

vice-president Natchez-Adams County
Taxpayers Association