Airport could be vital part of area’s economy

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A key, often overlooked, economic opportunity sits in North Adams County, surrounded by forestland.

The Natchez-Adams County Airport isn’t on the minds of many local people when they think about potential industry, but it should be.

In addition to the airport often being the first stop for large corporations looking at our area for potential development, the airport itself also hold significant opportunity.

The airport commission is working on a strategic, master plan to create a glide path for the airport’s future.

The commission is to be commended for working on a master plan for the airport’s utilization and growth.

As commissioners wisely pointed out, the country is expected to experience a shortage of trained airplane pilots in the coming years, thus their hopes to recruit a flight school to the airport makes good sense.

In addition, the land surrounding the airport is prime commercial land to be marketed as well.

The airport has a runway that’s nearly 1.25 miles long. That’s huge and something most communities our size do not have. Let’s focus on developing the airport to its fullest potential and in the process, it’s certainly going to put wind beneath the wings of our area’s economy as well.