Don’t pay for service not rendered

Published 12:01 am Sunday, November 18, 2018

Piles of garbage are plaguing county residents lately. The problem is the lame duck company responsible for collecting the garbage is having difficulty attracting drivers.

Who can blame the workers who left WastePro to find other work after Adams County opted to choose a different trash hauler?

WastePro’s drivers, knowing the clock is ticking on their employment simply moved on to greener pastures, leaving stinky piles of uncollected garbage in their wake.

Adams County officials have been working with WastePro to try and alleviate the problem, but it’s mostly been too little, too late.

County leaders have found a solution by asking the new garbage collection firm, Metro, to start a week earlier.

We hope the county is carefully calculating up all the missed deliveries reported and will simply not pay WastePro for the missed collections.

Had the company truly been concerned about providing great service, they’d have put in additional measures to avoid the problem.

The company could have worked to ensure the drivers had severance pay offered long enough following the end of the contract so less of them would have immediately walked off the job as soon as another opportunity came along.

The company could have offered bonuses for employees who stuck with them until the contract was fulfilled or even paid steep wages to new employees to work in the short, lame duck period.

We appreciate their efforts to date but wish they’d have done more on the front end to avoid the problem.