Natchez is a great place to start

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Through the years, some of Natchez’s best and brightest have started their careers here at home and eventually moved on to do great things across the region and the world.

One of those young men, a son of Natchez, was recently appointed to lead the City of Jackson’s Police Department.

Chief James Davis recently took on the leadership role after serving for many years in the state capital’s police force.

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A Natchez woman, who along with her late husband, helped rear Davis and his brother expressed her pride in Davis’ accomplishments recently after he earned the new position.

We share her pride in Davis and his work.

He is living, breathing proof that any one of the young men and women in our community can do great things, based on the foundation of a good education and a small-town upbringing.

Natchez has dozens and dozens of such examples. Sprouting right here, some of Natchez’s best and brightest have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, CEOs, engineers, architects and much more.

With such knowledge we as the adult citizens of our community have two important duties to fulfill.

First, we need to remind ourselves and everyone here, young and old alike, that all of our children matter and that all of our community’s children — regardless of upbringing — can be great, contributing members of society.

Second, we have to keep working to find ways to provide more employment opportunities to those young people so they can return home and help us make our community better.