Sheriff says littering is big problem for county

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, February 20, 2019


NATCHEZ — Trash dumping is more than just a concern of Adams County elected officials and residents, it also is illegal and could result in fines.

During the Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten informed the board that in the past month, inmates in a single truck had picked up enough trash throughout the county to fill up 683 bags.

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Over a 30-day period, Patten said 193 bags of trash had been collected in District 1, 47 in District 2, 105 in District 3, 146 in District 4 and 192 in District 5.

“It is a serious problem,” Patten said. “We need to self-police each other because there is too much trash. As soon as we go down a road and clear it, two hours later we go back down the road and it’s flooded with trash again. We need to be our brothers’ keepers and start calling in tags on folks.”

Another issue in the county that is mandated by law is the lack of numbering on houses, officials said.

Patten said deputies struggle to find residents with unmarked houses or mailboxes.

“In order for our response times to get better, we need to know where to find you,” Patten said. “We need the public to pay the 99 cents or whatever it costs to get a little number put on their houses. That is not too much to ask for us to be able to serve them.”

In other matters during the Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning, the board:

4Unanimously approved a permit to allow AT&T to replace a 500-foot line of cable on Lower Woodville Road.

4Unanimously approved an engineering agreement for bridge repairs on Hutchins Landing Road.

4Unanimously approved a spoil dirt request for Martin Luther King Jr. Road, Oakwood Plantation Road, Wilkinson Road and Shady Lane.

4Unanimously approved a request to advertise for replacement hires for two employees retiring from the road management department.

4Unanimously approved a budget amendment to pay an invoice for a voting machine used in November’s run-off election in the amount of $1,455.

4Unanimously approved travel requests for a Southwest Planning and Development conference April 23 through 26 in Biloxi, for which the county would be reimbursed for travel expenses.

4Unanimously approved purchase of a $400 sponsorship table for the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children’s annual Red Carpet Gala fundraiser. The gala starts at 7 p.m., April 27, at the Louis Gunning Community Safe Room.

4Entered into an executive session to discuss employee health insurance, tax settlements and a potential economic development project at the former International Paper facility.