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Natchez needs Eola to shine again

We remain hopeful that the new owner and developer of the former Eola Hotel is able to come through on his plans to rehabilitate the hotel.

Developer Robert Lubin said last week he’s still committed to the project, but indicated he’s still working to secure funding for the work.

The building, which was built in 1927 and has had several facelifts in its life, is currently gutted after the demolition phase of Lubin’s project.

His plans call for the historic hotel to be renovated to create more modern rooms with 70 to 80 guest rooms and apartments on the upper floor.

The delay in getting the construction phase of the project fully funded has caused what was already an unsightly, vacant corner building to become a downright eye sore now.

Located at such a critical spot downtown, Natchez needs the Eola to operate again.

Every good downtown needs a vibrant and historic hotel to attract visitors and serve a certain type of traveler and Natchez is no exception.

Lubin has indicated he’s partnering with the developers of the White House Hotel in Biloxi. That hotel is a beautiful example of what the Eola could become again, and we hope Lubin is able to pull it off.

Natchez sorely needs the Eola to shine again.