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Look no further than your own backyard

If you’re searching for something to do this weekend, you have no further to look than your own backyard — if you live in Woodville.

If you don’t live in Woodville, it is not much of a drive. Woodville will be celebrating the kick off of a new exhibit at the Wilkinson County Museum and on the square in downtown Woodville.

The exhibit will feature native American artifacts and information about ancient mounds scattered throughout southwest Mississippi and nearby parts of Louisiana that were built by the native Americans thousands of years ago. The kickoff celebration will include a performance by Natchez-born musician YZ Ealey and hands-on activities for children.

The event is free and open to the public.

The exhibit at the museum will offer a look specifically at two native American mounds in Wilkson County that are on the Mississippi mound trail.

Information will be available about how to visit the mounds as well.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about these wonders of the ancient world that are located right here in southwest Mississippi.  Once the visit to the museum and celebration are over, you can take a short drive out to visit these ancient Native American mounds.

As the exhibit’s curator, Megan Kassabaum, Ph.D., said, “Who needs a passport when some of the most spectacular prehistoric monumental architecture ever built can be found right here in your own backyard?”

We agree. Happy exploring!