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Thanks for reports on Farmer’s Market

I would like to thank The Natchez Democrat and the City of Natchez for their support of our local Farmer’s Market. Also, Sabrina Robertson for her articles and support.

It is very much appreciated. It shows their emphasis on buy fresh-buy local, and how nutritious and fresh our locally grown produce is.

What is often overlooked is the vast difference between a dollar spent on non-local produce versus local produce.

Only about 15 cents out of a dollar stays local on non-local produce. The rest goes to trucking from the point of origin, middlemen and finally to the farmer that produced it. This farmer may well be from Mexico or other foreign countries.

Ninety percent of what is spent on local produce stays local, turning over about six times generating sales tax each time — a vast difference in favor of locally grown produce.

Thanks again for your support of our local farmer’s markets.

H.C. Buddy Miller,

a Waterproof, Louisiana, farmer