Two Concordia Parish police jurors not running for re-election

Published 12:17 am Saturday, August 3, 2019


VIDALIA — Two members of the Concordia Parish Police Jury, Tommy “Red” Tiffee and Whest Shirley, announced last week they would not seek re-election this year.

Both jurors announced their plans during a meeting last Monday.

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Shirley said he had been elected as District 3B juror in 2004, adding District 3 is split between himself and District 3A juror Adam Probst.

Tiffee, 67, is serving his 24th year in office in District 5B. He was first elected in 1995 and is in his sixth term.

“I just decided I’ve done about all I can do on the Jury and that it was time to step down and let someone younger take the job,” Tiffee told The Concordia Sentinel, adding he has enjoyed his service and working with other jurors through the years.

As the Superintendent of the Concordia Parish School Board, Shirley said he wanted to continue focusing on that part of his career and giving the position the time and attention it demands.

“I’ve had 16 great years and four terms,” Shirley said. “I am a staunch believer in term limits and everyone, when they leave office, should have a job to do.”

Shirley and Tiffee said they have seen a lot of good happen during their time on the police jury.

“One of the things I’m most proud of, as the chairperson of the finance committee, is that we’ve left the parish with a good budget,” Shirley said. “We’ve also improved some of the infrastructure in the parish. Considering all that has happened over the years, especially the flood in 2011, I firmly believe that our drainage problems have gotten better.”

Shirley said he was also privileged to cast the deciding vote for building Riverland Medical Center’s new hospital in Ferriday, which is projected to be completed in July 2020, and was the jury president at the time.

“I feel good about all of the work we’ve done,” Shirley said. “I pray that whoever takes the ball from me continues the good work that we’ve accomplished.”