Government can be answer to problems

Published 12:01 am Thursday, January 16, 2020

Government officials are often excoriated for being wasteful, corrupt and self-serving.

Taking the words out of President Ronald Reagan’s mouth, “Government is not the solution to the problem. Government is the problem,” people say.

Listening to the naysayers, one would get the impression that government is incapable of ever working effectively and responsibly.

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Last week, one local woman saw firsthand how government — when limited — could not only work but come to the rescue.

Turkey Creek Road resident DeeAnne Whitehead watched helplessly as the floodwaters from a nearby lake threatened to undermine her house.

Because the lake’s dam was located on private property, there was little Adams County or representatives from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality could do to help Whitehead.

But that didn’t stop District 2 Supervisor Kevin Wilson from offering whatever assistance he could. Instead of throwing his hands up in defeat, Wilson worked to find a solution to the problem.

Wilson found Roxie contractor Eddie Beach, who decided to help Whitehead for free. Beach spent approximately 10 hours moving 2,500 yards of dirt to redirect the spillway away from Whitehead’s house.

Officials from the MDEQ provided what resources they could to help Beach in his effort.

We commend Beach for coming to Whitehead’s rescue. His donation of time, money and equipment should be held up as an example for us all.

Better yet, we applaud Wilson his persistence and determination to find assistance for a constituent in need.

Wilson’s actions demonstrate how government — however limited — can be the answer and not the problem.