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Delta Charter softball players remember success at hitting

FERRIDAY —Two Delta Charter School Lady Storm softball players scored RBIs in the doubleheader against Family Community Christian School five years ago.

Darby Beach and Shelbi McManus were teammates on the Lady Storm softball team in 2013.

“I played softball with Darby ever since we were in junior high school,” McManus said. “Darby was awesome and she was more than a teammate to me. She was my best friend all throughout high school.”

In the first game of the doubleheader on March 19 against Family Community Christian School, Beach went two-for-three and scored a RBI for the Lady Storm. Delta Charter School won 10-1 over Family Christian School in the first game.

“It was a good day for me,” Beach said. “I remember on that day I hit my first grand slam, so that was pretty exciting.”

Then, in the second game against FCCS, McManus went two-for-three and scored an RBI for the Lady Storm in the 12-7 victory. McManus said it was pretty good for her at the plate.

Both Beach and McManus ended their senior seasons in 2014 with injuries. Beach hurt her shoulder while McManus tore her ACL.

In Beach’s senior season up until her injury, she hit three triples, one home run and scored 16 RBIs in 22 games played. Meanwhile, McManus hit two singles, one double and scored three RBIs.

Beach and McManus went to college and played intramural softball and co-ed softball during the summers.

Beach is at Central Louisiana Technical Community College in Ferriday while McManus is at University of Louisiana Monroe.

“I loved my team and my coaches,” McManus said about her high school playing career at Delta Charter. “I would be a different person today if it weren’t for softball and being around all of my teammates.”