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Magnolia Grill, Pearl Street Pasta, 100 Main restaurants close

John and Malan Parks announced via social media Sunday that they are closing their three Natchez restaurants due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is with heavy hearts and more than just a little anxiety that Malan and I are announcing the closure of Magnolia Grill, Pearl Street Pasta and 100 Main Spirits and Eatery,” John Parks wrote in the social media post Sunday. “Our business, like so many in Natchez, cannot survive without tourists coming to town and spending their money with us.”

John Parks, who co-owns the restaurants with his wife, Malan Parks, also went on to say he did not want to potentially expose customers or employees to the COVID-19 virus by continuing to operate the businesses.

“Once this pandemic is under control, and people feel safe traveling and congregating, we will reopen and can’t wait to see your smiling faces back in our restaurants!”

John Parks closed by asking for prayers.

“In the meantime, we ask for your prayers for our staff,” John Parks wrote, “many of whom have been with us for as long as we have been in business. We also ask that you continue to frequent the local businesses that are struggling to remain open. Thank you all for your past support. And, we look forward to serving you again soon! God bless us all: stay safe; stay healthy.”