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Acts of kindness, humor, music add silver lining

Two weeks into this changing world of social distancing and self-quarantining, finding the good news during the COVID-19 crisis becomes increasingly tricky.

And yet, good news does exist in this era of uncertainty.

As we grapple with the unknown, area residents are finding ways to foster hope and encourage a smile.

Take musician Burnley Cook, for example.

Instead of focusing on the loss of area musical performances and concerts and worrying about what may happen in the future, Cook refused to let the music die. Cook created the Facebook group “Music for the Masses” and invite fellow performers to share what they love most — their music. In a few short days, Cook’s group page attracted musicians from across the globe. Banjo players, organists, accordion players, show choirs and others posted one performance after another for all to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Father Mark Schoffner is looking to social media to bring smiles to the faces of students who miss the familiar sights and sounds of school. With a series of videos — many of them lighthearted and humorous — Schoffner shows students and maybe even a few parents the power of laughter and humor.

Cook and Schoffner, in their own ways, using their unique talents are just two instances of how area residents are trying to find small examples of goodness in these uncertain and dark times.

Like the spring flowers that burst forth after a harsh winter, good news appears when we least expect it.

As we navigate this period of uncertainty together and apart, let’s always be prepared to recognize good news when It happens.