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Dos and don’ts about city’s stay-at-home order

NATCHEZ — On Wednesday, Natchez Mayor Darryl Grennell signed a “stay-at-home” order for residents of the City of Natchez that will be enforced by the Natchez Police Department.

The act poses a lot of questions for Natchez residents who are unsure of which day-to-day activities are prohibited.

Below are examples of things that City of Natchez residents can do and things they shouldn’t do while the stay-at-home order is in effect.


  • Travel unless you are taking care of essential needs, such as getting groceries, medicine or seeking healthcare.
  • Socialize or congregate with groups of more than 10 people, whether it be in a bar, church or social setting.
  • Visit relatives or friends outside or your household, especially if they are elderly, infirm or live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
  • Make non-essential appointments, such as at the hair, nail or beauty salon.
  • Don’t schedule a birthday party, wedding, funeral or other social gathering that requires more than 10 people to be in one place.
  • Drive yourself or your loved ones to the doctor without calling first. Don’t leave your home if you feel you have virus symptoms, including a fever, shortness of breath or coughing. Do not call 911 for illness unless you have a medical emergency.


  • Go to work if you or the company you work for provides an essential service. These include: city government services like police, fire, garbage services and utilities; hospitals and healthcare operations; veterinarian offices; gas stations; drug stores and pharmacies; food services; hardware stores; security companies; plumbers; electricians; landscapers; HVAC services; laundromats; cemeteries; banks and some community benefit organizations and professional services such as accountants, attorneys, engineers and architects.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet or more from others around you.
  • Run, walk or exercise while keeping a safe distance between yourself and others around you. You may walk your dog.
  • Buy groceries or essential items at your local grocery or convenience store while keeping a safe distance from others around you and wash your hands frequently, especially after touching frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs or handles.
  • Conduct business online or by phone to the extent possible.
  • Stay at home and call your doctor or hospital if you aren’t feeling well, or call the Mississippi Coronavirus Hotline at 877-978-6453.
  • Read and follow all of the recommended guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and the Mississippi Department of Health, which can be found at msdh.ms.gov and cdc.gov.