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Natchez Walmart manager donates supplies to Natchez Fire Department to aid with COVID-19 pandemic

NATCHEZ — Through the generosity of one Natchez Walmart manager, the Natchez Fire Department has supplies to help aid in the COVID-19 pandemic in Adams County.

Jimbo Flaven, Natchez Walmart store manager, gave supplies to the Natchez Fire Department on March 25 to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

“I want to be part of the community,” Flaven said. “I know they may be running out of everything and I’m trying to help them out with what I can.”

The supplies Flaven donated included toilet paper, paper towels, a box of plastic gloves, undiluted sanitation chemicals and some linen.

Ventris Green, Natchez fire chief, said it is he is thrilled by Flaven’s generosity.

“A lot of times in these types of situations, we used to have to go to different agencies and ask for donations,” Green said. “He personally called me up and said he wanted to do something for the fire department and the first responders in the community. That was very appreciative and heartwarming. It was all different items that he gave and he said he will continue to do something because he wants Walmart to be part of this community.”

Green said the undiluted sanitation chemicals would help tremendously. The undiluted sanitation chemicals were added to a gallon sprayer to spray down fire trucks and the station, Green said.

With some of the supplies running low in the Natchez Fire Department, Green said it was a great thing for Flaven to give to others.

“In general, that shows the help of our community that we have here in Natchez,” Green said. “We are a tightknit community and the generosity like that, it starts to exhibit a pattern. That makes somebody else want to do something courteous for the next person during these emergencies.”