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Pastor supports Arceneaux-Mathis for Ward 1

Experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable, progressive, trustworthy, hardworking, caring and God-fearing all describe Alderwoman Joyce Arceneaux-Mathis. 

I am a local pastor here in Natchez and I have known Alderwoman Mathis for many years. She regularly attends our church services, and we have invited her to speak on many occasions.

Through the years, I have had the opportunity to witness, firsthand, the many measures she has taken to help the city of Natchez to thrive and grow.

Alderwoman Mathis is and has always been an advocate and a voice for the Natchez community. As pastor of Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church and Moderator of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Association (AMB), an organization of local Baptist Churches, I have met with Alderwoman Mathis and the Board of Alderman numerous times concerning the restoration of historic Natchez College as a venue for Biblical study, religious services and performances.

Recently, March 9 to be exact, The General Missionary Baptist State Convention convened in Natchez.  One of the most memorable events of the Convention was the lunch and prayer service on the grounds of Natchez College. Other local pastors, the State Baptist Convention and I attribute the success that we have made at Natchez College in large part to Alderwoman Mathis.

She was the voice of reason during many of the meetings that were held to help us designate the college as a historic site. The achievements of Alderwoman Mathis are visible throughout Ward 1. I was especially appreciative of the work that she did along with other leaders and community residents to build a new swimming pool for our youth with countywide access.

Alderwoman Mathis has demonstrated time and time again that she is a leader but can also work successfully with others for the benefit of her constituents and her community. She has been and will continue to be our eyes, ears and voice in city government. She is the people’s candidate.

Melvin L. White,