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Do right thing and stay away from crowds

I read the article about a church having services, and I was very disappointed.

The church is on the front line but if you have to congregate in a building jeopardizing the lives of the people who trust your professional judgment something is wrong.

We don’t have to congregate to worship God. “God is in our heart.”

Everyone that congregates in a building with no masks or gloves should be quarantined for 14 days.

This is a global pandemic. Let’s do the right thing.

It’s hard not being able to move about like you want to but do the right thing.

It’s heartbreaking not being able to give our loved ones a proper burial.

It’s hard not being able to touch them or give them a kiss.

It’s hard for all of us, but we have to do the right thing.

I love everyone, but I will not sit back and say nothing because of someone else’s carelessness.

This is not an individual message. This is a global message. I’m sure you have heard charity begins at home.

We have a long way to go with this pandemic so please, people, do the right thing by making yourself a mask, wear gloves if you have them, cover your cough, wash your hands often, report symptoms if needed, don’t flood the emergency room, call first or call 911 and let’s help each other. This virus has the potential to kill.

I’m not afraid of dying but I dare test God with my own agenda.

Furthermore, if you attended Mardi Gras this year in New Orleans and live in Adams County, then you could be at risk.

If you attended that service Sunday you and your family could be at risk.

I’m heartbroken. I worked as a respiratory therapist before becoming coroner but I keep my certification current.

Managing mechanical ventilators is not any easy task. Not for the physicians or the respiratory therapists.

Don’t forget, we are in this together.

James Lee is the Adams County coroner.