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Congratulations, Natchez Early College!

The teachers, parents, administrators and students at the Natchez Early College Academy deserve a hearty round of applause.

U.S. News & World Report recently named the school as one of the nation’s “2020 Best High Schools” in the country and the No. 3 school in the state.

Part of the Natchez-Adams School District, the school is tailored to offer students a leg up on a college education.

The school ranked in the top 2,000 of over 24,000 schools in the country. Schools are ranked based on graduation rate, student performance on state-required test and how well the school’s prepare students for college.

The school is unique in that it offers students a chance to graduate from high school with an associate’s degree and to have a head start on a college degree.

Founded approximately five years ago on the campus of Copiah-Lincoln Community College, the program continues to show growth and now has a capacity of approximately 200 students.

We congratulate and applaud principal Heather Jackson and her team on the success.

NASD Superintendent Fred Butcher attributes a combination of high expectations, dedication and hard work from faculty, parents and students.

Thanks to all who continue to help NECA students meet and exceed those high expectations.

All too often our school system gets beat up in public for its flaws, but in this case, the district’s successes deserve greater attention and prominence.

Like Butcher, we hope NECA will continue to be a bright light for the school system and the community.

What started out as an experimental program may pave the way to success for all student in the school district.