Gibson is our pick for next Natchez Mayor

Published 2:10 am Saturday, July 11, 2020

Natchez voters will go to the polls Tuesday to elect a new mayor to serve Natchez over the next four years.

The choice is between relative newcomer to Natchez, Democratic Party nominee Dan Gibson, and longtime local political stalwart, independent candidate Phillip West.

Both men have relevant experience to serve as Natchez’s next mayor.

West has 28 years of public service as an elected official, including having served on the Adams County Board of Supervisors, as a Mississippi State Representative and as Mayor of Natchez.

West has been active in the community since 1964 and currently serves on the Adams County School Board, appointed by the Adams County Board of Supervisors.

Gibson served as Mayor of Crystal Springs where he brought in jobs, helped build up the local police force and cut down on crime. After serving as mayor of Crystal Springs, Gibson ran unsuccessfully for governor, and since then has served as a lobbyist in Jackson. Gibson moved to Natchez in early 2016 and is now a bed and breakfast owner.

Both Gibson and West have connections in Jackson and Washington and want to move Natchez forward with success bringing jobs and a better quality of life to the community.

While we appreciate West’s public service, accomplishments and experience, we believe Gibson has a fresh new perspective to lead Natchez forward into the future. One of our primary reasons for choosing Gibson is that we believe he will work to unify this divided community. Gibson has proven himself to be a consensus builder, and his primary victory proved he has the support of all spectrums of this community.

Gibson has a solid plan for recruiting jobs and for developing a jobs training center. Gibson deserves an opportunity to lead Natchez into the future. Natchez can’t afford to go backward. Gibson is the right person to lead this city into the future.