Natchez lost champion we won’t soon replace

Published 8:18 pm Friday, July 31, 2020

Just about everyone who met Bob M. Dearing instantly became his friend.

That is the kind of person he was.

Regardless of whether you liked him, he certainly cared about you and showed and interest in you.

He also would likely remember your name the next time he saw you.

Yes, Dearing was a politician but he was not just blowing hot air and pandering for votes. He was a genuinely kind gentleman who had a great spirit and attitude.

Dearing used those traits not only to his advantage to continue being reelected to the office of Mississippi State Senator for 36 years but also for the betterment of his beloved community and area he served — Southwest Mississippi and Natchez and Adams County.

Dearing could at times play hardball when he was advocating for his constituents and the betterment of the district and state.

Dearing was instrumental in passing meaningful legislation, most notably recently, tougher penalties for people convicted of dogfighting and other animal cruelty offenses.

Natchez, Adams County, the region and the state lost a true statesman and tireless warrior on Thursday.

We are all better off for having known Bob M. Dearing and we will miss him and his contributions to the state and region.

Thank you for your service, Bob M. Godspeed!