For the love of this community, please wear a mask

Published 6:46 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Wear a mask. Please.

We know. They are uncomfortable. We don’t like them either.

Some of you don’t think they work. Some of you think wearing a mask is a vast, deep-state — whatever that is — conspiracy to steal our freedoms as Americans. Some of you think this virus is just a political ploy on the part of Democrats to unseat the current U.S. president and it will simply vanish after Nov. 3.

Humor your fellow man, please, and wear a mask anyway.

Gov. Tate Reeves on Tuesday afternoon made mask-wearing mandatory in Mississippi in all counties.

“Wearing a mask — as irritating as it can be, and I promise you I hate it more than anyone watching today — is critical,” Reeves said.

Please understand this virus is real. While most — thank goodness — seem to suffer only mildly, many have horrific experiences with the virus. Particularly younger victims are suffering life altering heart and lung issues after recovering. We all now know someone who has died from the virus.

Give it two weeks. Wear a mask or comparable face covering for just two weeks. Health officials have said if we can get 90 percent compliance with mask wearing for two weeks, we can get the virus under some kind of control.

If we don’t do that, Mississippi could turn out to be the next hot spot for the illness in the country.

We have an opportunity here to do the right thing — not for the governor or your favorite political candidate — but for yourself and your family and your neighbors.