Courthouse records: Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020

Published 3:18 pm Monday, September 14, 2020

Adams County

Sept. 4-10

Civil suits:

Leslie Ashley v. Mark Rice.

Guardianship of Sebastian Beverly.


Jan Heather Campbell v. Blake Edmon Campbell.

Astreya Zachary and Joseph Perry Jr. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Marriage license applications:

William Wesley Self, 25, Germantown, Tenn. to Pepper Dorothea Taylor, 25, Germantown, Tenn.

Marvin Lamar Minor, 47, Hapeville, Ga. to Dana Lynnette Hughes, 45, Hapeville, Ga.

Jerry Wayne McNabb, 29, Sumrall to Brooksie Jones Shoemake (Jones), 66, Collins.

Deed transactions:

Sept. 3-9

Andrea Hanisch to Michael Preston Sullivan, lots 135A and 135B of the re-subdivision of a portion of Bryandale Subdivision.

Vincent Dantone, aka Vincent J. Dantone, to Suzanne Fretterd, lots 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, and 128 Lake Montrose Subdivision.

Eric T. Jackson and Gayla Jackson to Isaac Strickland and Rita Renee Strickland, a 1.16 acre portion of a 5.42 acre part of Hedges Plantation.

John L. Aubic Jr. to Jonathan Merriett and Amanda Merriett, lot 334 Montebello Subdivision.

Joy Beesley-Cooper to Kathleen McAndrews, lot 35 Eastbrook Subdivision.

Haley Meng to Eric Salvo Peters, land beginning at a point on the south side of State Street.

BJM Construction, L.L.C. to Randal Lee Hoggatt and Tammy Rena Roberts Hoggatt, lot 44 Woodland Hills Subdivision.


Sept. 3-9

Michael Preston Sullivan to Fidelity Bank, lots 135A and 135B of the re-subdivision of a portion of Bryandale Subdivision.

Thad Laiche and John M. Zufall to Delta Bank, Natchez Branch, land at the southeasterly corner formed by the intersection of State and Rankin Streets.

Rita Renee Strickland and Isaac Strickland to Fidelity Bank, a 1.16 acre portion of a 5.42 acre part of Hedges Plantation.

Jonathan Merriett and Amanda Merriett to Wells Fargo Bank, lot 334 Montebello Subdivision.

Allen L. Dossett and Stacey Ann Ducker Dossett to Delta Bank, Ferriday Branch, lot 6 Oakland Subdivision.

Kathleen McAndrews to Fidelity Bank, lot 35 Eastbrook Subdivision.

Eric Salvo Peters to Fidelity Bank, land beginning at a point on the south side of State Street.


Adams County Justice Court Civil Cases

Friday, Sept. 11:

Mendelson Law Firm v. Jasmine Heller.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Talesia Dobbins.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Myrtis J. Thomas.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Teena Rawlings.

Vicksburg Health v. Lynncoy Thornburg.

Vicksburg Health v. Naomi Carroll.

Natchez Hospital/Merit Health v. Cynthia King.

Natchez Hospital/Merit Health v. Donald Sharp.

Natchez Hospital/Merit Health v. Latashia Clark.

Natchez Hospital/Merit Health v. Hayes Harris.

Mendelson Law Firm/Natchez Merit Health v. Christopher Steinforth.

Natchez Hospital/Merit Health v. Alexander Bequette.

Natchez Hospital/Merit Health v. Craig Hunt.

Natchez Merit Health v. Whitney Brown.

Natchez Merit Health v. Courtland Butler.

Natchez Merit Health v. Adrain Newsome.

Natchez Merit Health v. Bernadette Johnson.

Natchez Merit Health v. Danielle Johnson.

Natchez Merit Health v. Katrina Montgomery.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Angelia Henry.

Natchez Merit Health v. Jennifer Parker.

Natchez Merit Health v. Alan McIntosh.

Natchez Merit Health v. Sandy Loyd.

Natchez Merit Health v. Justin Gaylor.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Katrina Rogers.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Tamara Washington.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Eric McGehee.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Yolanda Cooley.

Natchez Merit Health v. Kristi Stewart.

Natchez Merit Health v. Kenneth Stewman.

Natchez Merit Health v. Jonathan Griffin.

Natchez Merit Health v. Laura Thomas.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Deliza Thomas.

Mendelson Law Firm v. John Vogt.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Quentin Battieste.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Antonie Johnson.


Thursday, Sept. 10:

Union Credit Corporation v. Trinicia Champ.

Geneva Nick v. Jasmine H. Sprouls.

Noble Home Apartments v. Dominique Whitley.

LVNV Funding, LLC v. Theresa Davis.

LVNV Funding, LLC v. Laura Thomas.

LVNV Funding, LLC v. James Walker.

LVNV Funding, LLC v. Christina Banks.

Midland Credit Union v. Tommy D. Ambrose.

Alton J. Hall v. Courtney Schilling.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Barbara Shorter.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Sharon Hall.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Jessica Gardner.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Maurice Hawkins.

Old South Federal Credit Union v. Trecenia Wilson.

Gary Floyd v. Terrence K. Woods.

Champlin’s Furniture v. Kiera Jones.


Concordia Parish

Sept. 4-10

Civil suits:

Medical Data Systems v. Traci Bamburg.

Merit Health Natchez v. Traci Bamburg.

Succession of Lee Murray.

Tyrhonda Curry v. Bobby Madison.

State of Louisiana v. Bobby Madison.

Alexia Johnson v. Keonate Roy.

State of Louisiana v. Keonate Roy.

Stacey Denny v. James E. Hardie.

State of Louisiana v. James E. Hardie.

Citibank v. Juanita P. Smith.

Succession of Charles Ellis Sturgeon.

Succession of Phyllis Grant Falkenheiner.

Pelican State Credit Union v. Dana Stelly.

Pelican State Credit Union v. Daniel Baxter.


Charles Elliott Ferguson v. Mary Louise Ferguson.

Marriage license applications:

Howard Glyn Hatten Jr., 36, Jonesville, La. to Sherika Renee Scales, 32, Jonesville, La.

Deed transactions:

Henry Edward Calhoun and Matilda Davis Smith to Raymond L. Calhoun and Patricia White Hall Calhoun, lots 16 and 17 Levee Addition.

Inez Green Sturgeon to Clyde Ray Pecanty, a part of lot 5 of Crane Estate or Monterey Plantation.

Steven Lee Falkenheiner, Ellyn Falkenheiner Hairston, Phillip Fred Falkenheiner, Nancy B. McLemore, Margaret Falkenheiner, and Charles J. Falkenheiner to Milliken Properties, LLC, lot 2 Jose Vidal Plaza.

Dorothy M. Falkenheiner, Margaret Falkenheiner Key and Charles J. Falkenheiner to Milliken Properties, LLC, a 0.157 acre tract portion of lot 1 Jose Vidal Plaza.

Shannon Miles Fleniken and Lindsey Michelle Fleniken to Richard Griffing, lot 15 Cocodrie Bend Subdivision.

Succession of Opal Smedley to Allen Scott Whittington and Katherine Ratcliff Whittington, lot 7, Unit 1 Crestview Subdivision.


Christopher C. Goad and Tracy Noodle Linder to 21st Mortgage Corporation, 5.0 acres, more or less, tract portion of Weecama & Windemer Plantations.

Johnny Tuan Tran to Fidelity Bank, lot 40 Murray Addition “B”, Second Development.

Richard L. Griffing to Southern Heritage Bank, lot 15 Cocodrie Bend Subdivision.

Marian Phyllis Cooper and Jimmy D. Cooper Sr. to GMFS, LLC, a portion of lot 3 Windemere Plantation.

Ashley F. Prunty and Ashley B. Prunty to Delta Bank, portion of Panola Plantation.

Ashley F. Prnety and Ashley B. Prunty to Delta Bank, lot 12, Block No. 128 George A. Murray Addition.