Nearly entire fifth-grade class at Delta Charter School quarantined with COVID-19

Published 5:52 pm Monday, September 28, 2020

FERRIDAY — Nearly the entire fifth-grade class at Delta Charter School has been placed under quarantine due to a number of students and a teacher testing positive for COVID-19, a school official said.

High School Principal Jimmy Comeaux said at first a few students had tested positive with the disease and were isolated at home and later a teacher and more students tested positive.

“All but four students in the fifth-grade class have been quarantined for a couple of days now,” Comeaux said. “Those four had COVID and are recovered so they were able to stay in school.”

Comeaux said a 14-day quarantine for all but those four students fifth-grade students started Wednesday or Thursday last week.

All of the students who are able to keep doing schoolwork continue to do so in virtual classes while under quarantine, Comeaux said.

The class outbreak appears to have been an isolated incident so far this school year, Comeaux said.

“I’m the junior high and high-school principal and we haven’t had any issues so far on our side yet,” Comeaux said. “It was recommended from the health department just to quarantine that class. We continue to follow the state guidelines.”