Longwood closed until Thursday after trees block driveways, knock out power

Published 4:44 pm Monday, October 12, 2020

NATCHEZ — Natchez and Adams County continue to recover from the effects of Hurricane Delta that moved through the area Friday and Saturday during the height of Fall Pilgrimage, and at least one pilgrimage landmark took a blow from the storm.

“Longwood will be closed until Thursday, Oct. 15,” Natchez Pilgrimage Tours posted on social media Monday. “Several trees and power lines were knocked down as a result of high winds from Hurricane Delta, blocking both the driveway and electricity to the house. All repairs should be completed by Thursday, we will keep you updated if Longwood will be able to reopen sooner. Thank you!”

Up until Friday, Natchez Pilgrimage officials said numbers were on par with recent years’ numbers. It is not clear yet clear how Hurricane Delta might have affected Pilgrimage numbers over last weekend.