Ferriday man sentenced to three life sentences plus 30 years for triple murder, aggravated burglary

Published 2:38 pm Friday, October 30, 2020

A 21-year-old Concordia Parish man was sentenced on Wednesday to three consecutive life sentence and another 30 years consecutively for aggravated burglary.

Darrione Bell was convicted Oct. 15 for the grisly murders of three elderly Concordia Parish residents — Rosey Hooper, 85, and her sons, Johnny Hooper, 67, and Ellis Hooper, 65.

The Hoopers lived together at 113 Weaver St. in Ferriday, La.

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Bell was allegedly living at 110 Weaver St. After a night of drinking alcohol, neighborhood video camera captured Bell going into and out of the Hooper residence after arriving back at his home around 2:17 a.m. that morning.

At one point, Bell exited the Hoopers’ home carrying a television set.

Later in the early morning, Charles Lyles Sr., 79, of 207 Kennedy St., which is in the area of Weaver Street, told Concordia Parish Sheriff’s deputies Bell broke into his home and tried to assault him.

Lyles told deputies he had fallen asleep on his couch and was awakened by a loud knocking on his door. When Lyles did not answer the door, Bell kicked it in. Lyles said he was familiar with Bell from the neighborhood.

Lyles said Bell was carrying a pipe, which he swung at him, but missed, hitting instead a light fixture. Lyles said he grabbed a .22 rifle and fired at Bell, but missed.

Lyles said Bell jumped out of an open window and fled, leaving his sandals behind.

Deputies went to Bell’s residence, but he was not there.

In the meantime, Rosey Hooper’s daughter arrived at her mother’s house and discovered the horrific murder scene and called the sheriff’s office.

Deputies went again to the home Bell was living in on Weaver and found him there.

Blood found on Bell’s clothing matched the Hoopers, as did blood left on his sandals left at Lyles when he fled out the window. Blood on the stolen television, found at Bell’s home, also matched the Hoopers.

Louisiana Seventh District Attorney Bradley Burget and Joey Boothe, first assistant district attorney, in Judge John Reeves’ courtroom in Concordia Parish, prosecuted Bell.

During the trial, Burget said Bell had a criminal history of attacking senior citizens.

Bell stabbed Rosey Hooper more than 30 times in the head and face, according to court testimony.