STYLE: Vidalia residents decorate yard for Halloween

Published 11:01 am Saturday, October 31, 2020

VIDALIA — The “Bama Street Boneyard” is full of creepy surprises — skeletons with glowing eyes, cackling witches, scary clowns and other gruesome toys that spring to life when unsuspecting children and adults walk by.

Dr. Kevin Ingram and Jana Ingram’s home on Alabama Street is typically dressed for every season and especially Halloween.

Jana said she and Kevin do most of the decorating themselves — not as a competition with the neighbors. Instead, they do it to see the excitement on children’s faces, Kevin said.

“We do it all for the kids,” he said.

Nearly every house on the street is decorated for this Halloween this year.

However, the Ingram house has more outdoor Halloween ornaments than most.

“Each year, I try to add a few things,” Jana said of the decorations.

This Halloween, the Ingrams have added a hearse, a 12-foot tall skeleton, a life-sized headless horseman and several other ornaments to their outdoor Halloween display.

Both Kevin and Jana shop for new ornaments to add to the growing collection, Jana said. Kevin picked out “his girls” as he called them, which are animated replicas of the twins from “The Shining.”

While most of the decorations are store-bought, the Ingrams make the display their own with a splash of creativity.

In a grassy yard adjacent to the house, skeletons dressed like Cathedral High School athletes appear to be walking eerily towards the street like students from the afterlife.

Jana said Southern Designs, a metal crafting company in Vidalia, created the gateway to the graveyard of Cathedral players that reads “Bama Street Boneyard.”

Children have come to the Ingram house at all hours of the day to see the decorations, which were set up on the last week of September, Jana said.

“Every afternoon they come here after school and then they will go home, eat, take their baths and then a lot come back at night,” Jana said. “Their parents will wave them back and say, ‘We’re going to bed now.’”

Jana and Kevin will start taking down the decorations on Monday after Halloween, Jana said, adding it may take longer than just one day.

“It takes several days,” Jana said of the decorating. “Mostly its just me and my husband putting everything out. We have a son who is 14 and he helps a little. … When Hurricane Delta came, we took everything down and on Sunday afternoon after the hurricane all of the neighbors showed up and together we put everything back out.”

Making the street stand out for Halloween is also a neighborhood effort, Jana said.

“We all try to decorate because kids come by and look. Some come by on their golf carts three or four times a day. During school days, they come before they go to school and again when they come home from school. It’s nice.”