Adams County voters overwhelming approve medical marijuana

Published 10:03 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

NATCHEZ — Adams County voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure Tuesday to allow medical marijuana in the state.

By a 76.2-% or 8,041 votes to 62.8%, or 2,511 votes, Adams County favored approving either measure of medical marijuana.

On secondary, medical marijuana measure, initiative 65, which would allow physicians to prescribe marijuana to patients, Adams County voters approved the measure 78.16% or 7,389 votes to 21.84% or 2,065 votes for 65A, a measure that would have let the state regulate the use of medical marijuana.

Measure 65A was introduced by opponents of the medical marijuana measure in an attempt to allow the Legislature to decide when and how the medical marijuana could be implemented in the state.

Tuesday’s Adams County votes included 1,500 of 3,300 absentee ballots and county election workers will count the remaining absentee ballots later this week.

Final numbers on how the state voted on the medical marijuana measures are not yet available.