With election behind us, it is time to unite

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s elections, the results are bound to disappoint a large portion of the nation’s electorate.

Going into Tuesday’s election, voters were split fairly close over which candidate they favor for the presidency, not to mention some of the other seats and measures on the ballots, both nationally and statewide.

As of the writing of this editorial the results of Tuesday’s election are unknown, but, as we have seen before, a candidate can win the majority of votes and still lose the presidency due to the Electoral College system.

So today, as the election is behind us, regardless of whether the winners are decided, we must come together as a nation to work for the best for all of us.

If the election is not yet decided this Wednesday morning, we must be patient and let the process run its course.

The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of the United States of America that have made our nation great for more than 200 years.

Once the election is decided, we, as a nation, must coalesce behind the president and other elected officials and stand together united.

Likewise, our president and other elected officials should serve to unite our nation and not divide us by offering solutions to problems that will be for the betterment of the nation as a whole.

United we stand, divided we fall, as the saying goes.

We are all in this together.