Adams County Sheriff’s Office gets armored truck

Published 3:11 pm Wednesday, November 18, 2020

NATCHEZ — The Adams County Special Operations Team will soon have an armored truck to transport them to high-risk calls.

Brinks, which bills itself as the world largest cash management company, and is known for transporting money in armored vehicles, recently donated an armored truck to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, said Maj. Shane Daugherty of the ACSO.

“We’ve had local businesses doing stuff for us to get it operational,” Daugherty said. “It is not quite operational yet.”

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Daugherty said all of the work, in addition to the vehicle itself, which is valued at $220,000-plus, and transport from Texas, have been donated by local businesses for the Adams County Sheriff’s Office so the vehicle is no cost to taxpayers.

“We have local businesses doing the work for us,” Daugherty said. “They have volunteered their time.”

As the vehicle has made the rounds to various businesses word of the vehicle has gotten out and pictures of it have been shared on social media.

“We are about a week from it being fully striped (with logos, etc.,),” Daugherty said adding the special operations group will use it on high-risk warrants or any type of high-risk operations.

Daugherty said the sheriff’s office is grateful to the businesses that have contributed to the project.

“The local businesses have saved us tens of thousands of dollars worth of modifications,” Daugherty said, adding the sheriff’s office will share details of the contributions and more details of the vehicle when it is completed in a couple of weeks.