Tourists go on accidental Spring Pilgrimage

Published 3:06 pm Monday, March 15, 2021

Nashville residents Steve and Peggy Rammer were on an R.V. trip from Pensacola in an Airstream when they stumbled upon Natchez. The couple said they had not even realized Spring Pilgrimage had begun.

“We just happened to be here. We have never been to Natchez before,” Steve said. “We wanted to see the city of Natchez and tour some of the older homes.”

Outside of exploring old homes, the couple visited Steampunk Coffee, Peggy said. Next, the couple planned to go to the Forks of the Road, a historic site at the intersection of Liberty Road, St. Catherine and Franklin streets, she said.

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In the courtyard of Rosalie Hall, Eleanor Carter said she was on a getaway trip in an R.V. down the Natchez Trace when she got to Natchez completely unaware of Spring Pilgrimage. She is from South Carolina and she wanted to see Natchez because she had always heard about it but had never been, she said.

“My company (Sea Island Imports) supplies some of the gifts that are in the gift shop,” Carter said. “We picked (Rosalie) because we are probably only going to be able to visit one.”

Carter said her company supplies blue and white porcelain, which can be found in the Rosalie gift shop.

Peggy Rammer said they had previously toured antebellum homes in New Orleans and Charleston, but the amount of porcelain on display at Choctaw Hall was the most she had ever seen. Seeing how the wealthy lived in Natchez was really interesting, she said.

Choctaw Hall owner David Garner took the time in each room of the home to tell stories about the collection of china, lamps, silverware, beds, paintings and his family.

Steve said it was neat to see the family continue on their story and to be involved with the home. Peggy said it was nice to see the history of the home be shared.

“He was lovely, and the pride he has in his family and what they have preserved was just really cool to see,” Peggy said.