Plans to restore Duncan Park Golf Clubhouse

Published 5:41 pm Saturday, June 5, 2021

NATCHEZ — Duncan Park Golf Superintendent Greg Brooking was on the eve of The Natchez Open. He hosted a dinner at Monmouth Inn for golfers in the tournament when Dan Gibson and Alderwoman Valencia Hall walked into the Inn’s courtyard with a poster board.

Brooking grinned ear to ear as Gibson and Hall revealed the renderings of a revitalized Duncan Park Clubhouse. The renderings included plays for an eating area, or as the mayor put it, a “19th hole.”

“This is so exciting for the city of Natchez because we have the best golf pro imaginable, with the most beautiful golf course imaginable,” Gibson said. “It is only fitting that this is the weekend that we announce the golf clubhouse is being redone.’

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Hall said they would be receiving donations to improve the clubhouse and the golf course. Gibson said the City will be putting up $500,000 for the project and architect Belinda Stewart will treat the clubhouse as a historical restoration project. Mimi Martin and the Historic Natchez Foundation are completing an application to make the clubhouse a historical landmark, he said.

Gibson said if the Duncan Park Clubhouse can get the title of a historical landmark, Natchez can get historical preservation grants. He said they originally wanted to get a poster board of the rendering big enough to cover the front of the clubhouse until they got the project done. Brooking said he was surprised by the news.

“I’m so excited about this,” Brooking said. “This is fabulous. I thought it was going to be (deteriorating) for the rest of eternity. I thought I was going to have a great golf course and just a not-so-great clubhouse. This will be magnificent to have.”

Brooking told Natchez golfer Adolph Hayes they were finally getting a “new clubhouse,” Brooking said during the pre-tournament dinner. Hayes is playing in The Natchez Open.

Gibson thanked the golfers playing in the tournament because “This would not be possible without you,” he said. Hall thanked Brooking

“Greg, We are so grateful for your commitment to Natchez and the game of golf,” Hall said.