Shop Along Downtown

Published 11:00 am Sunday, September 25, 2022

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By Jennie Guido

We’ve made it all the way down Main and back up Franklin Street in our shopping adventure through downtown. Now it’s time to visit those cross streets! Let’s start with Commerce, which makes sense to be a shopping hot spot simple because of the name.


Consign & Design

110 North Commerce Street

Sissy Blackwood’s collection of all things old and new is one that we can’t stay away from. Some of my favorite knick knacks around my house can either be sourced back to her store or one of her main estate sales over the years.

Whether home decor or vintage fur coats, she’s got it all. My personal favorite item I’ve found at Sissy’s over the years is a rusted metal wreath that I have recrafted into holiday fabulous-ness season after season.

If you follow Sissy on Facebook, you’ll notice that she’s in the middle of a grand renovation of another building in this block of Commerce Street – 105 North Commerce. I’m always impressed with how she can put things together and make me want to take everything in store home. I know it will be no different once she moves to her forever home up the street.


The Shops at Kress

122 North Commerce Street

New to Commerce Street, you will find The Shops at Kress. Located in what our generation remembers at the home of National Furniture, The Shops at Kress has created booth space for retailers of all shapes and sizes.

Need some fabulous art? Check out what Jax Frey, Jenny Hinkle, or Sarah Lindsey Laukhuff has in store. Need a bike or part for your ride? See what the Richards have at Natchez Bicycle. There are booth spaces known as “Twice as Nice” and “Moon & Magic” with a collection of items.Rrus & Co, located in Vidalia, is adding an additional location with a booth at The Shops at Kress. 

It’s a shopper’s dream!


Natchez Unique

131 North Commerce Street

Ok. This shop has something for everyone. Mamie Henry and Steve Campo have transformed this building (along with The Shops at Kress) into the shopping Mecca of Natchez.

When the seasons change, I love to take a look at what fun earrings, tea towels, or decor Natchez Unique has to offer. Bath bombs, collegiate gear, and stylish dog bandanas are just a few of the items you can find. I also love that you can find Natchez-themed items, which is perfect for all of those tourists we’re seeing this fall. 

Where else can you buy your mom a gift, pick up earrings for Mardi Gras, and get an ice-cold 6 pack of beer in downtown Natchez?


Anruss and Co. Salon and Spa

212 North Commerce Street

I’ve grown up with Anruss as a mainstay in downtown Natchez. My mom is a religious follower when it comes to their family of stylists, and my sister and I can’t go without a regular visit for a mani or pedi.

BUT, what you shouldn’t miss out on are the gifts that are available in store. My favorite time of year to look in store is Christmas. This is a great place to stop in for a special something for someone on your list (or always purchase a gift certificate if you can’t decide).

Also, where else can you find an OPI selection in town like the one at Anruss?


Netterville Jewelry

126 South Commerce

On the south end of Commerce Street, Netterville Jewelry is home to many fine pieces of jewelry and some more modern items, which would be perfect to keep in mind for the holidays (or for yourself).

I will say that Netterville has always been my go to when needing repair work done. Virginia Conn is always so helpful in making sure that any piece is taken care of, especially those timeless pieces you can’t put a price on.